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Our church is located in the heart of Ruabon providing services and events for the community and its congregations. The building has been standing in Ruabon for over six hundred years and is home to two congregations. These being, the Church in Wales and the Roman Catholics.
The Church in Wales congregation is a part of the Offa mission area within the diocese of St Asaph. The Roman Catholic congregation is connected to the Parish of St Richard Gwyn within the wider diocese of Wrexham.


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We are proud to be home to a large sized community of Roman Catholic and Anglican worshippers, often joining together in forms of worship and prayer. Community events are a big part of our church, without them we would simply not function the way we do.
Community ensures that people gain support, friends and a person to say hello to upon entering the building. It is one of the main structural supports to our church, and something we rely upon strongly. To join our community press the button below.

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