Annwyl gyfeillion,

Things continue to evolve. As Heath has school and GCSE work to concentrate on now, he can’t edit the service in the way that he has done so well for the past 6 months. The Zoom service continues, but more people are attending church, so the numbers are fewer. I am therefore asking you please to send a voice clip, as so many of you have done before, by email or on Whatspp to me (Trish). If I can, I will put an assemblage on Youtube. There is then no obligation on you to be present at the Zoom service, though, of course, you are welcome. Whoever is there at 11.00 on Sunday will just have to step up! At present, worship in church continues, under strict Covid guidelines, but the situation may change, and our on-line worshipping community is still very important to many, and may be the only chance some people get to participate in worship, so thank you for your contribution.

Pob bendith