The Church Silver

In 1685 there were: ‘one silver flagon Chalice and patten with cover all gilt. One large silver chalice, and one little silver chalice a fair pewter flagon for the wine’.

The plate was noted in 1709 to be of ‘considerable value’ .Griffith Matthewes, citizen and vinter of London and a native of Ruabon, had presented plate in 1616, and there was another donor in 1679. The plate was melted down in 1776 possibly by Cresswell the Silversmith of London. The new plate was remade by Charles Aldridge and Henry Green and the flagon is inscribed:-

‘Originally the Plate was a gift to Ruabon Church in Denbysheere April 1679. Remade Annon Dom, 1776 Sir Watkin Williams Wynne Brt, William Higgons esq. Churchwarden’.

It was probably Robert Adam who designed the plate consisting of a flagon of classic form, two matching Communion cups, of goblet form, and two matching plate patens.

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