The Organ

The organ, which was given by the fourth baronet to mark his ‘Coming of Age’ , has long disappeared. It was made in 1768 by John Snetzler. A companion organ formerly at 20 St James’s Square and Wynnstay is now in the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff.

Roger Kenyon was present at the opening of the organ and has left us this description:-

September 7 Overton.
Our jubilee week at Wynnstay is at last over. We had a grand oratorio at the opening of the new organ at Ruabon Church, on the Tuesday, where several solos were performed by Mr Paxton, the first violin-cello, and Signior Giardagni, the first singer in the Kingdom. The company were all invited to Wynnstay to dinner, and a grand entertainment we had. About nine o’clock, we all went to the puppet show, where a handsome theatre and good music were exhibited… the whole must have cost Sir Watkin a couple of thousand at least.

The organ was not as expensive as the celebration:
1771 Mar. 15
Pd. Mr Snetz1er for the organ set up in Ruabon Church last August £280, for a Beauroe Organ for Mr Parry £50 Travelling Expenses £5.5s.& packing cases £14.15s.

Nov. 12
Gave Mr Parry’s Maid for making fires & Cleaning the Organ Gallery a year in Ruabon Church £1.10s

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