Wrexham County Borough lockdown: frequently asked questions.

Can I continue to attend a place of worship?
Yes, as long as it is within the Wrexham County Borough
Council area and you do not go there with anyone who you do
not live with. No specific rules are in place about religious
services in the area. People will be expected to observe
physical distancing and good hand and respiratory hygiene,
and in addition you will need to wear a face covering.

Can weddings take place?
Yes. Marriages and civil partnership ceremonies and small
receptions can take place in the Wrexham County Borough
Council area, but guests from outside the area are not
permitted to attend the reception.
Those living in the area can also leave the area if invited to
attend a wedding ceremony outside the area but not to attend
the wedding reception.

Can I go to a funeral?
Yes, if you are invited. However, you should take particular
care to maintain social distancing, and you advised to wear a
face covering, especially if you will be indoors or if you are
unable to socially distance.

Why is wearing face coverings now a legal requirement
in shops and other indoor public places?

The Welsh Government has previously advised that wearing
face coverings can reduce the spread of the coronavirus.
However, we did not impose a legal requirement to do so
because of the relatively low numbers of cases in Wales. The
rising incidence rate of cases in Wales now means we are
making it a legal requirement.

Where will face coverings be required?
Face coverings will be required in all indoor public places, for
both customers and staff working in those indoor public areas.
This includes a very wide range of locations, such as shops and
shopping centres, places of worship, hairdressers and salons,
cinemas and museums, gyms and leisure centres, and anywhere that is open to members of the public.

It would also include any public areas within buildings that are
otherwise closed to the public – for example a reception area of
an office building.

Can I still see people outdoors?
Yes, up to a maximum of 30 people can meet outdoors but for
the time being they will need to be people who also live in the
Wrexham County Borough Council area. You should continue to
socially distance from people outside your household.

Can I meet people in my garden?
Yes. Visitors can also go through the house to reach the garden
if needed. Only people who live within the Wrexham County
Borough Council area should visit your garden for the time
being. Also, please think carefully about whether visits should
take place. If anyone has symptoms of coronavirus, visits
should not take place.