Notices for 20th February 2022

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Future dates
Ash Wednesday(2 nd March) at 7pm: Holy Communion and imposition of ashes at 7pm(Due
to covid regulations we will be ashing ourselves, or each other if you are in a bubble.
Please can you bring to church before then any small disposable bottle cap etc-(the size of
a shot glass)
Easter Vestry Monday 25 th April at 7pm in the hall
Sunday 6 th March at 2pm Baptism of Taite Rowan Breese
Thursday 24 th March: Baptism Preparation 6.30-7.30pm
LORD, TEACH US TO PRAYA Pastoral Letter to the Teulu Asaph from the Bishop 17 th
February 2022 (Please see the diocesan website for the full version)
Remember this, God delights in you, and when we put ourselves in his way, even if it is just
breathing out a sigh, and letting our heart respond to his presence, it is a good starter for
ten. Too often, I suspect, it is easy to let prayer be extra-curricular, something to be
done when there’s a gap or an opportunity, rather like a school activity not part of
the core curriculum, but for discipleship, prayer is and should be part of the core
curriculum, something to invest in ahead of the rest of life, which helps to get all
other things in proportion. Lord, teach us and help us to pray!

Services for 27 th February 1 before Lent)

9.30am Holy Communion at St Mary’s 11am Holy Communion at All Saints