Notices for the 16th January 2022

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Covid Restrictions remain at Level 2
Wednesday 19 th at 2pm: Joint Council Meeting in Church Hall
Monday 24 th 11am Funeral of the late Violet Minnie Thomas at All Saints
Thursday 27 th 11am Funeral of the late Graham Roberts at All Saints
Wednesday 2 nd February 7.15am St Mary’s Church Council Meeting in Church Hall
Services for 23 rd January (Epiphany 3) Holy Communion 9.30am in Ruabon and 11am, Penylan

From Bishop Gregory’s New Year Pastoral Letter (Please get in touch if you would like the full
version which there is not room for here.
Just like testing that string of Christmas lights to ensure that they all work, so we’re invited
to test our actions as disciples of Jesus, and our activities as Churches, to see whether they
convey the electricity of God’s grace, and help light up the world. Is our faith fed by prayer
and worship? Would those attending our Churches find the nourishment to grow their faith?
Does the communication of the Church send out a positive message, are we actively
encouraging one another, and bringing hope in a world and society which is really quite
battered by all that is going on? Is the quality of our friendships and relationships one of
service and truly loving? Does the calendar of our Church activities provide evidence that
our activities are centred on loving service to our communities, or just to ourselves? Are all
the activities of our churches adding to the light of God’s witness in our common lives?
A new year is sometimes the occasion of making New Year’s Resolutions. The track
record is not always distinguished by success. But perhaps as we pack away the
Christmas decorations for another twelve months, we could ask in our own prayers before
God, and in our Church committees, whether we, individually as disciples,
and together as Churches, are now beginning the real work of Christmas, to
give glory to God in the highest and to bring peace on earth to God’s
favoured ones (Luke 2.14), to act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly
with our God (Micah 6.8), to grow faith, to bring hope and to demonstrate