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In our Anglican belief, we hold steadfast to the rich traditions and teachings that define our faith, while also recognising the shared heritage we have with Roman Catholics. At St Mary’s Ruabon, we celebrate the unity and common ground that exists between our two traditions, fostering an environment where we can come together in service and worship. In occasions of shared services, we witness the beautiful convergence of Anglican and Roman Catholic practices, creating a tapestry of spiritual devotion and reverence. These moments of coming together not only deepen our understanding of one another’s faith but also strengthen our collective witness to the love of God. We find inspiration in the shared aspects of our beliefs, emphasizing the universal values that bind us as Christians. Through this harmonious collaboration, we honor the diverse expressions of our shared faith, while fostering greater understanding and unity within the larger Christian community.

We believe and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ namely that God is active and personal, a Father who cares for his creation, and for every human being as his beloved child; that God is as he has revealed himself to be in the historical person of Jesus Christ and that through the life, death and resurrection of this one person, God has proclaimed his love for the world, and opened a way, accessible through our response of faith, by which his love and life may be poured into our lives; that God is at work in the world today as Spirit, inspiring faith, justice and truth. We believe that God has called all who respond to him to be his people, and to work together to act as ambassadors for his work of healing in the world.

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