Early History

Learn more about the early historical events of our Church, within the village of Ruabon.

Historic People

Find out more about who was assosiated with the Church and Ruabon, hundreds of years ago.

Historic Monuments

Explore the large ammounts of historic monuments within the Church, alongside their backstories.

Fittings & Furnishings

Explore and discover the large ammounts of fiitings and furnishings within the Church.

The Medieval Building

Learn more about the backstory behind our six hundred year old medieval building and its communities.

The Reformation

Learn more about the changes brought about by the reformation of the Church in the 1500s.

The 17th & 18th Centuries

Learn more about our Church during its presence within the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

The South Chapel

Discover more about the South Chapel, its purpose, and the artifacts within it.

Restoration and Enrichment 1770

Learn more about the restoration and enrichment work that took place on the Church in 1770.

Nineteenth Century

Learn more about our Church and its presence within the nineteenth cenury.

Stained Glass Windows

Learn more about our large ammount of stained glass windows, that you’ve likely seen before.

The Twentieth Century

Learn more about our Church and its presence within the twentieth cenury.

Sharing of the Church

Learn more about the sharing of Saint Mary’s between the Church in Wales and the Roman Catholic congregations.

Community Hall

Find out more about our community hall, when it was built and how it’s used today.

New Church Roof

Learn more about the implementation of a new roof on the Church in 2010.