Harvest Pray and Play Recap

This month’s (October) Pray and Play session had a harvest theme.  The children began with a search for the letters which spelt ‘harvest’ and talked about all the good things God gives us. We then talked about the animals and creatures God created and made conker snails and other animals/creatures with playdoh (and some creatures I’ve never seen before!).

We all sat together and listened to the story (parable) of the farmer and the seed and learnt that if we want to be like the seed in good soil, we have to listen to God, be kind to one another, to share and give thanks to God in prayer.  The children really enjoyed throwing the seeds on the ‘path’, stones, prickly plant and in the ‘soil’!

We then wrote on leaves all the things we are thankful to God for and placed them on the autumn tree and each child then prayed individually – Thank you God for… (family, friends, pets, home, food etc) 

We ended with the Cauliflowers Fluffy song (a real fun harvest song) and finished by sharing together some of the prepared harvest fruits and vegetables, and of course cake. 

Thank you God for the harvest.  Amen 

(Rev Pam Hallam)

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